• Are you a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)?
  • Yes, we are! First Choice College has been approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to train and deliver nationally recognised training.

    You can check out our official registration as an RTO on the national register for Vocational Education and Training (VET) HERE. Only currently approved RTOs will show as “current” on the national register, so you can feel confident that First Choice College upholds the standards for training and assessing within the VET sector.

  • I would like more information about your courses, what can I do?
  • You can:

    • review the course you are interested in within the “COURSES” page,
    • request an information pack through our website by clicking on “Request an Information Pack”,
    • email info@fcc.edu.au with your questions, or
    • call our office on (07) 5689 5060 to speak with one our friendly staff members about the course.

    There are many ways to receive information about your course and we strongly urge all potential students to read and understand the course requirements before deciding to enrol. Take advantage of these resources before you complete an enrolment application!

  • I’m interested in applying for a course, how do I make my enrolment application?
  • Once you have made an informed decision about selecting your course, click on the “Courses” button (or click HERE) and select your course. Once you have clicked in the course, click on the “Apply Now” button, which will take you to the Enrolment Application page for you to complete the enrolment form.

    We strongly suggest collecting as much information about the course you are interested in before applying for the course.

  • How does your payment system work?
  • First Choice College offers two payment options:

    OPTION 1: Receive a substantial discount by making a full payment upfront. Check out the individual courses for additional information. Note that First Choice College does not offer this option for all of our Advanced Diploma courses.

    OPTION 2: First Choice College offers a cost-effective payment plan on all courses! Conditions of the payment plan include:

    • Your student journey begins by completing the enrolment application without the need for any upfront deposit. This easy to manage payment plan is a great option to further your education.
    • Be sure to review the “Course Investment Information” tab within the course you are interested in for further information on your total financial investment, including weekly payment amounts and duration.
    • Signing an EziDebit Direct Debit Request form to authorise weekly direct payments from either your credit card or your bank account. First Choice College will email you a link to a pre-filled EziDebit Direct Debit Request form outlining the terms of the payment arrangement, after the initial investment fee is received. Follow the prompts and instructions provided to complete the form
    • Instalment payments will commence from your preferred plan starting date, following First Choice College receiving your completed electronic EziDebit Direct Debit Request form. The weekly instalments will be directly debited each consecutive week until all fees are paid in full.
    • Your enrolment will commence upon receipt of your first debit into our account, which may take up to 3 business days to process.

    Please note:

    By opting to pay your course fees via a payment plan, you also agree to the EziDebit terms and conditions.  EziDebit will charge the following fees to the student:

    • Amex credit card transaction fee – 3.8% each time
    • SMS Payment Reminder – $0.28 each time (applies if you select the field: ‘I authorise EziDebit to remind me of upcoming debits via SMS’)
    • Ezibebit can only process payments from Australian Bank Accounts and Australian Credit Cards.

    Failed payment fees apply and are imposed by EziDebit. Refer to the EziDebit terms and conditions. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure there are sufficient funds in their nominated bank account or credit card, prior to the payment being made. Access to training materials, support services and the online learning system will discontinue if instalment payments are not received by First Choice College in accordance with the debit arrangement.

  • Do you have face-to-face classes available?
  • As an online provider, we aim to keep the training and assessment services through our online portal, as such we do not offer face-to-face classes or contact. We do this for a number of reasons, but most importantly it means that you can still receive the same level of training and assessment at a fraction of the price of a face-to-face learning program.

  • I’m not an Australian citizen – can I apply with you?
  • First Choice College is unfortunately not a registered CRICOS provider, and as such we are unable to accept international students residing in Australia into our learning programs. International students are defined as someone who is not:

    • An Australian citizen
    • A New Zealand citizen
    • A permanent resident
  • Can I apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL) before I enrol?
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to review your RPL application until you are a fully enrolled student with First Choice College. Our suggestion is for you to read the RPL Application Kit (which you can receive if you request an information pack) which contains more detailed information about our RPL processes.

    Please be aware that First Choice College does not guarantee that you will receive RPL prior to your enrolment. Only one of our qualified trainers reviewing your RPL documentation can provide you with an official outcome of your RPL application.

  • Can I apply for credit transfers (CT) before I enrol?
  • Whilst we cannot guarantee credit transfers can be applied, you can definitely discuss opportunities for credit transfers with one of our teams members prior to completing an enrolment application. We will need to see which units you have completed, so please send through your statements of attainment or record of results through to info@fcc.edu.au and we will provide you with more information about what can or can’t be transferred into your course.

  • What are your office hours?
  • First Choice College operates between 9am to 5pm (QLD time), Monday to Friday. We observe all national, Queensland, and Gold Coast public holidays, and close the office over the Christmas/New Years period.

  • Do you outsource your training, assessing, or any part of your RTO?
  • No – all of our friendly staff are based on the Gold Coast. As our courses are based on Australian national standards, we strongly believe that our administrative and training services are provided by Australians who understand the Australian training industry.

  • How do I request a refund?
  • You can request a refund by completing a Refund Request Form and returning this to rto@fcc.edu.au. For more information about our Refund Policy, please refer to the Student Handbook.

  • If I’m not completely satisfied with my course, what steps can I take?
  • We take all feedback at First Choice College seriously, so if you would like to have your voice heard and make an informal complaint, you can email rto@fcc.edu.au or call the office on (07) 5689 5060 and speak with one of our staff members.

    You are also welcome to request and complete a Complaint Form and return this to rto@fcc.edu.au.

    For more information about our Complaints Policy, please refer to the Student Handbook.

  • Is your website secure?
  • Yes! At First Choice College we respect your privacy and security of your information. You can be assured that the information or data you provide is completely protected and kept confidential such as information pack request details and your credit card details.

  • Can I choose my own elective?
  • The pathways we offer in all of our course are based on numerous factors, such as:

    • in-house trainer competencies and
    • availability of learning resources/assessments.

    Given these factors we cannot guarantee that we offer alternative electives and recommend that, if you choose to complete a learning program with First Choice College, to follow the pathway offered.

    If you have completed prior studies with other providers, you might be able to receive credit transfers for units not offered in our pathway but comply with the packaging rules of the qualification (see the FAQ about credit transfers above for further information).

    If you are not sure, call the office and speak to one of our staff members for clarification.

  • I still have questions…
  • Send us an email at rto@fcc.edu.au, or call the office on (07) 5689 5060 during our office hours. We are here to help!

  • What happens when I complete an Enrolment Form?
  • You will receive an email from our administration team providing you with information about the entry requirements for your course. One of our Student Liaison Officers will also be in contact with you to discuss your enrolment application.

  • I’ve completed the Enrolment Form but I haven’t received an email yet, why?
  • Check your spam or junk folders – it might be there!

  • What entry requirements are there?
  • Entry requirements for our courses include as a minimum:

    • Completing an LLN Indicator Tool
    • Providing a USI

    Please be aware that different courses might require additional entry requirements, so ensure you review the entry requirements in the individual course page for more information.

  • What is a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Indicator Tool and why do I have to complete one?
  • Completing the LLN Indicator Tool will help provide us with information about your LLN skills. This way, if any needs are identified, we can provide specialised support where ever necessary. This way we can give you the best, individualised training services possible. We are also required by the Standards for RTOs (2015) to identify, and if relevant, support the needs of every individual within the course, so, unfortunately, there are no short-cuts towards completing the LLN Indicator Tool.

  • What is a Unique Student Identifier (USI) and how do I get one?
  • A USI is a unique 10-character string of letters and numbers. If you are enrolling into any nationally recognised course (such as the courses offered by First Choice College), you will need to have a USI. Simply visit https://www.usi.gov.au/ and fill in your details. If you have a form of identification ready it should only take around 10 minutes to create your USI. Be sure to send this through when you can!

  • I enrolled in the payment plan option, what additional documents do I need?
  • You will receive a Direct Debit Request Form from our accounts team which will need to be completed and returned to accounts@fcc.edu.au.

  • I spoke with a Student Liaison Officer, completed the LLN Indicator Tool, and have given you my USI. What happens now?
  • Your enrolment will be set up within 10 business days. Don’t worry though – this is only a contingency in case of high enrolment periods. Setting up your enrolment includes providing you with your log-in details so you can access and begin your course, as well as provide information about your start and end dates.

  • When does my course enrolment period begin?
  • Your course enrolment period begins on the day you receive your Enrolment Confirmation Email. You can refer to the Welcome Letter provided in your Enrolment Confirmation Email for more specific details about your start and end dates.

    The amount of time in your course enrolment period will depend on the course.

  • How do I log in to the Student Portal?
  • Click on “Student Login” at the top of the web page and refer to your Enrolment Confirmation Email for your login details.

  • My log in details aren’t working, what do I do?
  • Our administration team can refresh your log in details – please call the office on (07) 5689 5060 or email rto@fcc.edu.au for assistance.

  • What support will I receive?
  • You will have access to your Learning Support Materials within your Student Portal and also have access to your allocated trainer! Our trainers are walking knowledge banks and will happy to guide you in the right direction if you have any assessment related queries.

    You can contact your trainer as much as possible during your enrolment period if you require guidance on how to approach a particular question or activity.

  • Will I receive a training plan?
  • Yes, and your training plan will give you guidance throughout your course.

  • What are your learning support materials like?
  • The learning support materials on your Student Portal for each unit you complete are rich with subject content, and contain some very interactive graphs and tables, all aimed at enhancing your online learning experience!

  • I’m unsure how far I am into the course. Can you help me?
  • To receive a course progress report, you can contact rto@fcc.edu.au. The course progress report will provide details on all of your remaining assessments and course requirements.

    Our suggestion would be to follow your Training Plan so you can track your course progress!

  • I’m not particularly happy with the assessment result I received. What can I do?
  • We suggest calling or emailing the trainer who assessed your unit. You can discuss the feedback provided and raise your concerns with the trainer.

    If you are unhappy with your assessment result after addressing it informally with the trainer, you can request an Appeals Form which can be completed and returned to rto@fcc.edu.au.

    For more information about our Appeals Policy, please refer to the Student Handbook.

  • Are your trainers qualified?
  • Yes, all of our trainers and assessors comply with Clauses 1.13 to 1.16 of the Standards for RTOs 2015. This means that they have vocational competency and industry experience in what they train and assess in, as well as hold the minimum mandatory qualification!

  • What are your formal assessments like?
  • Our assessments consist of written questions to test your knowledge, and several performance tasks designed for you to demonstrate your overarching understanding of the content through questions and practical activities.

  • How do I complete my assessments?
  • For the online mode of delivery, type your response in the boxes provided. If you need to upload an attachment, click on the “Upload a file” function.

    For the distance-based mode of delivery, you can write your responses in the booklets provided, or type up your responses.

  • I’m completing a project which has a lot of attachments, what can I do?
  • For the online mode of delivery, near the bottom of your screen, click on “Additional Evidence”. Here you can upload additional evidence documents. Please ensure you refer the uploads to specific questions, so our assessors know what they are looking for!

    For the distance-based mode of delivery, keep your documents together when you submit them (see below on how to submit assessments).

    Staying organised with your assessments will make everyone’s training and assessment experience a lot more efficient!

  • How do I receive my next assessment?
  • For the online mode of delivery, once you have logged in to your Student Portal, you will notice a progress bar. Once the bar hits 80%, you are welcome to send an email through to rto@fcc.edu.au requesting the release of your next unit.

    For the distance-based mode of delivery, send an email to rto@fcc.edu.au to ask for your next assessment to be posted to you.

  • How do I submit an assessment?
  • Once you have logged in to your Student Portal, click “Submit” at the top of the screen and complete the declaration.

    If you are completing your course through the distance-based mode of delivery, you can post your documents to PO Box 1467 SOUTHPORT BC, QLD, 4215, or scan and email your documents to rto@fcc.edu.au.

  • Can I submit more than one assessment at a time?
  • Yes, however, we strongly suggest submitting your assessments once you have finished them. This way you can determine for yourself whether you are on the right path. There is no benefit to “banking” your assessments towards the end of your course.

  • I have heaps of documents, is there another way to send you my assessments?
  • You can post your documents to PO Box 1467 SOUTHPORT BC, QLD, 4215.

    Our preference is to receive submissions electronically to reduce paper waste (e.g., DropBox).

  • Are there any due dates?
  • Your entire course will need to be completed within your enrolment period. Keep in contact with your trainer, and refer to the training plan for guidance if you need to catch up on your assessments.

    We suggest setting self-imposed due dates for each of your units. In most cases, a unit per month is a reasonable benchmark.

  • What happens if I fail my assessment?
  • When completing nationally recognised training, you can’t “fail”.

    Our assessment grading system is simple. You are deemed “competent” if you have completed all of the activities correctly, and you are deemed “not yet competent” if there are activities which require further evidence. The key word there is “YET” – you just aren’t there yet.

    If you receive a “not yet competent” outcome, your training will provide you with constructive feedback to guide you with your resubmission. If you need further clarity, you can contact your trainer directly.

    You have up to three attempts to demonstrate competency in a unit. If you are still deemed not yet competent on your third attempt, you can attempt again, however, re-assessment fees will apply – please refer to the fee schedule in the Student Handbook for further information.

  • I feel like I am lagging behind in my course and am running out of time. What can I do?
  • Keeping in contact with your trainer is the best option. If you keep them informed about what’s happening in your life that might delay your assessments being completed, they will do what they reasonably can to facilitate to you and your individual circumstances.

    After all, life happens! Just let us know what’s going on!

    On some occasions an extension fee might need to be made. You can apply for an extension before your course end date (outlined in your Welcome Letter). Please refer to the schedule of fees in the Student Handbook for more information for pricing.

  • I want to apply for RPL. How do I do this?
  • If you want to apply for RPL, here are a few tips:

    • Read through the RPL Application Kit. This document outlines all the information relevant to your potential RPL application. If you request an information pack, you will receive an RPL Application Kit, so you can read it before you even begin your course!
    • Talk about RPL sooner rather than later! Have a chat with one of our trainers soon after you enrol to discuss RPL.
    • Take a moment to ask yourself: “How can I prove my existing skills and knowledge?” RPL is essentially an evidence-based assessment, whereby you will need to provide us with hard evidence, and other types of evidence (e.g., verifications from referees). The evidence you submit must comply with the rules of evidence (i.e., the evidence must be valid, authentic, sufficient, and current).
    • Stay organised with your RPL application!
  • I was told I would receive certain things in my RPL application, but the trainer didn’t give it to me, why?
  • One of our trainers, who will review your evidence documents and conduct verification checks, ultimately makes the final call on your RPL application. Staff members at First Choice College will never guarantee RPL will be granted prior to an RPL application.

  • When have I completed my course?
  • After receiving a competent result for all units of competency in your course (or received RPL or CT), and have completed any further course requirements, you will have fulfilled the requirements for your course. Congratulations!

    To ensure there is no ambiguity about whether you have completed the course, your trainer will contact you confirming that you have completed your course with First Choice College.

  • What happens now that I have finished?
  • It’s what you have been waiting for! That prestigious qualification! Our team will need to complete some compliance checks to double check that all boxes are ticked, documents are signed, etc.

    Once your files have been compliance checked in full, you will receive an email notification with an electronic copy of your qualification and record of results (or statement of attainment).

  • I’m really excited to receive my qualification, when will I receive it?
  • The time it takes to conduct compliance checks differs depending on the learning program and individual circumstances. On most occasions, your electronic documents will be sent to you very soon after confirming you have completed your course. However, we do have up to 30 calendar days to issue your documents. Our administration team will communicate this with you.

  • I have some feedback I’d like to provide. How can I do this?
  • We will send you a feedback form to complete. We would love to hear about your experiences with First Choice College whether it be positive feedback or suggestions for how to improve our systems and services. We strive for continuous improvement at First Choice College, and open and honest feedback helps us improve our status as a quality training provider.

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