The Student Journey


From making an informed decision right through to course completion, First Choice College has created this guide to inform you about how we facilitate each stage of The Student Journey. Think of your potential enrolment as a journey: you have an end goal in mind (achieving that prestigious qualification), but you need to get there first! That’s where we come in to support you right throughout your journey, equipping you with the skills and knowledge necessary to complete the qualification to a nationally consistent and compliant standard.

To understand more about your journey, keep reading this guide! First, we will begin with some definitions:

Type of student: Definition: Relevant sections:
Potential student An individual who would like to enrol into a course with First Choice College. Section 1
Applicant An individual who has applied by completing a Student Application and has made payment for a course with First Choice College. Section 2
Enrolled student An individual who has received a Welcome Letter in their Enrolment Confirmation Email. Sections 3 to 5
Completed student An individual who has completed all of their formal assessments by attaining a “competent” outcome for all units, and has satisfied any other specific course requirements. Section 6

You can expect the following from First Choice College in your student journey:


Section 1: Pre-enrolment Application

We want to help the potential student make an informed decision before completing an enrolment application with First Choice College. To provide as much information as possible, the potential student can:

Knowing what you are getting yourself into can help provide peace of mind, so take advantage of the information provided before you complete an enrolment application. No question is too big or too small to answer, so don’t hesitate to ask!


Possible topics for discussion are:


Section 2: Enrolment Application

An enrolment application is when a potential student:

After meeting these criteria, the applicant will receive a notification by email which contains additional documentation and information on the entry requirements for the learning program. Please note that different courses may require different entry requirements.

Every applicant will be contacted by a Student Liaison Officer from First Choice College within the enrolment application period. The contact is provided to fully inform each applicant about the course requirements. The contact with the Student Liaison Officer is also the applicant’s opportunity to ask any questions they may have about their learning program.


Section 3: Orientation – Commencement of Study

Once the applicant has met all entry requirements, an Enrolment Confirmation Email will be sent to the enrolled student which provides an overview of the course, login details for the online portal, and a range of attachments including:


Using the login details provided, the enrolled student will now have access to the online Student Portal. This portal provides access to the first unit of competency in the learning program, which includes Learning Support Materials and the Assessment for that unit. The Learning Support Materials are like a chapter in a textbook dedicated to that unit where the information can be used to answer the activities in the Formative and Summative assessments.

Our industry expert trainers and assessors are also accessible for support during your enrolment period. One of our qualified trainers will initiate contact with the enrolled student shortly after receiving the Enrolment Confirmation Email to familiarise the enrolled student with the course, including types of communication, RPL, and their training plan. The team of First Choice College trainers will guide and mentor the enrolled student during their course enrolment by initiating contact, and responding to phone calls and emails.

The student-trainer relationship is something we take pride in, and we want to ensure your experience as a student with our team of trainers is as fulfilling as possible.


Section 4: Formal Training

First Choice College’s online portal provides each enrolled student with an opportunity to undertake additional formal training tasks, such as reinforcement tasks and self-reflection tasks. All learning content can be accessed within the Learning Support Material, which is embedded within the online portal. Should additional guidance be required, the enrolled student can contact the office by phone or email during our business hours and discuss their course with a qualified trainer. The trainer will be more than happy to provide guidance and inspiration on how to move forward with your course.


Section 5: Assessment Tasks

Each enrolled student will be required to attempt and complete all formal assessments to demonstrate evidence of skills and knowledge. These formal assessments should be attempted once the enrolled student has completed the pre-training activities and formal training. The assessments are formative (responding to questions) and summative (summarising your knowledge and skills). Depending on the unit of competency, a summative assessment might include a project. These projects can range from creating simulated workplace documents to completing a written report.

Once you have submitted an assessment, you can request to receive your next unit of competency. During this time, a First Choice College assessor will review your submitted assessment and provide you with thorough and constructive feedback. If any gaps are identified in your assessment, the assessor will provide guidance on the amendments required for a successful resubmission. This feedback can be discussed with the assessor over the phone or through email if the enrolled student needs further clarification.


Section 6: Course Completion

After receiving a competent outcome for all units of competency, the enrolled student will be considered to have fulfilled all training package requirements and a certificate and record of results, or a statement of attainment (if relevant) will be issued. A qualified trainer will contact the completed student confirming and congratulating the student that they have completed their course. An electronic and hard copy will be issued within 30 calendar days of fulfilling the learning program requirements.

At this stage of the student journey, you have now fully completed your course! Congratulations! As part of our continuous improvement services, First Choice College would like to ask for your feedback regarding all of your experiences in the student journey. We review all feedback seriously as it helps us become a better training provider.

This is your journey. The time you allocate towards completing your assessments, conducting additional independent research, contacting and engaging with our team of trainers is unique to all individuals at First Choice College. With some motivation, hard work, and the support of your First Choice College team, we believe all students have the potential to achieve their qualification goals.